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As firm believers in the notion that one picture is worth a thousand words, this section of the HiLakers site is dedicated to offering visitors a glimpse of the club’s various social activities as well as memorable images of high lakes and the fish that our members have found there.

Photo Contest

Check out our annual contest of photographs with the winners selected by general acclaim.

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2010 Fall Weekend at Scottish Lakes High Camp

In September 2010, club members spent a long weekend at the Scottish Lakes High Camp just across Stevens Pass for wet but fun outings to a number of high lakes.

Scottish Lakes High Camp Outing

2010 Summer Picnic

Members enjoyed an pleasant summer evening on Mercer Island’s ‘lid’ park with a pot luck, barbecued burgers and hot dogs and a cast contest. Several members brought bamboo fly rods for others to try out on the expansive lawn.

2010 Summer Picnic

50th Anniversary Outing

In September 2008, the club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a group outing to a ‘secret’ lowland lake. Both the weather and fish cooperated resulting in splendid time for all attending.

50th Anniversary Outing


Thanks to HiLaker Don Cannon, the club teamed with Northwest Women Flyfishers at their 2008 Trailsfest booth, presenting the club to an audience of prospective members.

Trailsfest images

Summer Meeting/Picnic

Recently the club has chosen to have one meeting during the summer as an outdoor picnic. This has proven very popular with BBQ food and a casting contest.

2008 Summer Meeting/Picnic

2007 Summer Meeting/Picnic

Historic Hi-Lakers Images

Recently the club was pleased to welcome back long-time Hi-Laker Don Cannon. Besides his wealth of knowledge and lore about the early days of the club, Don graciously provided a trove of images from trips back in the mid-1960s. The images provide a window to how different hiking, camping, and fishing was in those early days and how it still unites us all in our common love for the outdoors and our beloved mountain lakes.

Historic Images