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What does it mean to be a Hi-Laker?

And why are Hi-Lakers important to Washington's high lake fishery?

Who are the Hi-Lakers? We are part of a 63-year history of alpine anglers who promote responsible high country recreation and support the WDFW and other agencies by conducting high lake surveys. The club was founded in 1958 by three friends, Jack Higgins, Rudy Werth, and Art McPherson, who loved the high lakes—the scenery, the […]

5 Tips to Improve Your High Lake Surveys

A key mission of the Hi-Lakers is to provide lake survey reports for better high lakes fishery management. Surveys are generally submitted online. Some of the most valuable data for biologists and fishery managers may not be obvious. The following components deserve special attention and should be included whenever possible.  Access changes – Report any changes […]

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