Build A Lightweight Raft

Membership in the HiLakers brings many benefits, and one of them is the opportunity to make your own one-person pack raft. This fabulous ultra lightweight raft enables you to fish the whole lake, and opens up adventuresome opportunities. Experience the lakes in a whole new way.

The class costs $250, and includes all materials and tools. At completion you will have a pack raft of your own. The raft weighs only 24 oz., and with bag and paddles it’s still less than 2.5 pounds. And it compresses to the size of a golf ball. Well not really, but pretty darn small and fits in a daypack.

The raft making class consists of three sessions of about 6 hours each. You work under the guidance of our experts, Mike Monsos and Doug Cronin. Classes can be scheduled at mutual convenience. Any Hilaker or Trailblazer in good standing with at least one full year’s membership and at least 5 surveys submitted in the previous year is eligible to enroll in the raft making class. New members will have to wait until they meet the criteria before enrolling.

The raft is directly patterned on the legendary Curtis Raft created by the father son team of Walt and Brian Curtis, which stopped production in 2006. The current raft was created with Brian’s help.

Question or more information, please contact Mike at: flyman219 at outlook dot com

Rafting all the live long day

Rafting all the live long day

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heat welding a seam


The Measure Net – Better than a Tape Measure


Bigger is Always Better, Right? ~~~Or Is It?


  1. Peter Monostory

    Hello Gentlemen,

    My name is Peter Monostory. I am originally from Seattle but for the past 15 years I have lived in Melbourne Australia. I used to be a HiLaker member back in the Bob Pfeiffer days. This past August I made a quick trip back home and I spent 6 days of that trip at Lake Thompson off of the I-90 corridor. I had my trusty and beloved Curtis raft with me and together we pulled numerous lovely rainbows out of lake Thompson.
    My raft is still hanging in there but some of the seams seem to be coming loose. I’ve also forgotten how to use the infiltrator bag. There seems to have been some sort of connector between the raft and the bag that is missing. Might there be someone at the HiLakers with whom I can communicate regarding bringing my raft back to top form?

    Thank you,

    Peter Monostory

    • Bob Pigott

      I saw this on line. We need to contact your Dad about a reunion. If you should get this please contact me. Thanks

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