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A Duty To Fish

You may of read my 2005 trip report (“A ‘Golden’ Kingfish”) where I caught the “Golden” Kingfish for that year and won an award for the best trip report. The following is the other report that I wrote in the hopes of winning another monetary prize for the best report during the year 2007.  (I […]

2021 Photo Contest Results

Thank you to all who attended the November meeting and participated in this year’s Photo Contest! As you’re about to see, the quality of entries was remarkable. The following 12 photos were rated highest by those who voted live during the meeting. As is tradition, they will be proudly featured in the 2022 Hi-Lakers Calendar. […]

Modern Backcountry Navigation – 3 Ways to Learn

Topo Map of Crater Lake

Digital mapping tools like CalTopo and Gaia GPS can take your trip planning to the next level. Learning to combine wilderness navigation skills with digital mapping tools can have a big impact on your backcountry experiences. For the high lakes angler, it can extend your reach to destinations and fishing you’ve only dreamt of. If […]

Letter from the HL President

Greetings to all members, and especially to those who have joined us in the past year! Like so many other organizations and businesses, we have moved from monthly in-person meetings on Mercer Island, to online platforms. How fortunate it is that we have the technology for audio-visual connections.A year ago, we had our annual Winter […]

Big Alpine Trout

This post contains excerpts from a 2003 HL Forum discussion about big fish in the high lakes, edited to emphasize tips for catching them. We are mining past threads for interesting content and I hope you enjoy. Alas, the photo links from the orignal thread no longer work. But you can imagine those healthy fish […]

2020 Kingfish Results

Thanks to all who submitted entries for the 2020 Kingfish program! It was a great year for big fish as seven Hi-Lakers crossed the 20-inch threshold. The largest was a 24-inch rainbow caught by new member, Tanner Dutra. Those who attended the February meeting were treated to a story about Tanner’s trip to a lake […]

Comment on Eightmile Lake Dam in the ALW by Feb. 1, 2021

Eightmile Lake is one of four lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area managed to provide water storage. The 90-year-old dam on Eightmile Lake has been damaged by been flooding and was further damaged by the Jack Creek Fire in 2017.  Emergency repairs were made to the dam in 2018. Washington Department of Ecology is […]

Hi-Laker Fishing Techniques

by Randy Clark Tony Curless is mining the Hi-Laker archives for treasure and here’s a satirical piece by Hi-Laker Randy Clark, originally published in 1994 in the very first issue of the club newsletter, “The Alpine Angler.” Generally speaking, most folks in the Hi-Lakers probably asked themselves when they joined, “What will this club do […]

Confidence is a Strange Thing…

Most things in life are enjoyed more when confidence is built. Have you ever thrown a spoon, spinner or lure, and the size and color combination was dialed in and you “just know” you were going to catch fish? It happens regularly…and you gain confidence. The same is true throwing flies. They have proven true […]

Bigger is Always Better, Right? ~~~Or Is It?

1) Big lures catch big fish! 2) Bigger/Heavier lines land bigger fish. 3) Bigger/More Stout rods handle trophy fish the best. 4) The Full Moon offers more light so has to be better fishing! 5) Catching Bigger Trout is more fun than puny 10 – 12 inchers. 6) Bigger Rafts/Float Tubes carry more gear. In […]

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